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How can you not have faith?

I love TVXQ for all the right and wrong reasons. These boys aren't like any other artistes, so don't ever compare them to any Tom, Dick or Harry. They're talented, inspiring and with all the hardwork they put in and pain they went through, they deserve everything to be Asia's Number One star. They pull off wrong hairdos and crazy outfits perfectly like no one else ever could. Even though they might be apart now, but with such great desires from both sides to be reunited as FIVE, i believe that day will come where FIVE of them will be standing together on the same stage. For now, each of them are still TVXQ and will always be, so let's give our FIVE boys our utmost support and love.
To all cassies out there:
Don't let the faith and trust which was built up within 7 years crumble within a single second.
Baby, because we keep the faith eternally.